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Feeding Program in Palawan Philippines.

Malnutrition in children is caused by insufficient food supply or an inadequate diet. Sadly, it is an unending issue. This poor practice hinders the healthy growth and activity of the children. Providing young kids with nutritious food meals tries to help boost their proper growth and development. It aims to protect children from nutritional illnesses and this time we want to give back and provide food assistance to the Children Community in Palawan Philippines.

Charity work is a perfect idea for community members like us to assist those in need by organizing a feeding program in your own community or by just participating in any public service event – being able to contribute and change things for the better in someone’s life is an act of kindness that can produce positive outcomes. It is vital to maintain adequate nutrition during the childhood transition stage in order to ensure complete growth and development.

With all this in thought, the BoredPandaNFT team decided to conduct this feeding program in April to share the blessings we have. Moreover, the whole team wants to look closely into the situation in order to help put an end to this global problem.

Our team also wants to provide help to people in earning a living from their produce. The main reason for doing this food program is to contribute to ending the hunger problem and ensuring that children in the community have access to healthy, locally, and sustainably food. Our group members assure us that they are capable to serve a nutritious meal to the selected area where help will be given. We hope and come to see your presence now to be one of our sponsors, and please show us your kind heart once again.

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A project to feed the stomach to fill some love

Volunteering is a good way for citizens like us to offer some help to those in need, right? Having the ability to give back and bring a good impact change in someone’s life is an act of kindness that can lead to positive outcomes. Securing good nutrition during the childhood phase is vital to achieving children’s full growth, wellness, and development. We cannot deny that malnutrition is a tough case problem case to solve even up to this day. Sadly, it is common in children that are caused by insufficient food intake or an inadequate diet.

With this, the whole team planned to do a feeding program last March 25, 2022, as our way to give back and more of the reason is helping to put an end to this global problem. Our team have decided to partner with Chavacano de Zamboanga Un Corazon por alegria y amores and gathered 100 children from urban poor areas in Zamboanga City Philippines.

Every month, hundreds of people are fed by our dedicated team members who cook and serve nutritious and filling meals. We also work collaboratively with various groups to source and supply ingredients for the meals.

The team also want to help people in earning a living from their produce. Our food program is aiming to contribute to ending the hunger problem and ensures that the local communities have access to healthy, locally and sustainably made food. Our group members always ensure that they are able to serve nutritious meals to the selected area where help and assistance will be given.

The food program was successfully done and if it were not for the help of the whole members, our team community partner Chavacano de Zamboanga Un Corazon por alegria y amores, and the cooperation of the people in the area, the food project will not be as effective as it was.

Having common humanity is what the group embodies. That is why the team came up doing a food program project that entails seeing or feeling one’s own. Rather than isolating ourselves from them, we consider and try to view ourselves that we are part of the community.

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Hong Kong Refugee Donation

Living life knowing your safety is a risk is truly a nightmare to bear. It really would take a lot of courage to get through. Refugees globally endure difficult circumstances, such as refugee camps, unplanned settlements, or worse, living on the streets. As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads worldwide, many refugees would be unable to socially isolate themselves or maintain basic sanitation, such as washing and sanitizing their hands.

The lives of refugees were put in jeopardy as a result of what they experienced in their home countries prior to displacement, as well as during their excursions to find safety. Refugees, just like us, worry about food, shelter, and the chance to have a better and peaceful life.  However, many refugees are still having a tough time existing after leaving everything behind and struggling to survive this game of life.

Sometimes the universe has its ways to give us a lesson to learn in a way we least expect. Unfortunately, we cannot simply narrate the situations of all refugees out there as we can only see the tip of the iceberg of their sufferings.

The BoredPandaNFT works alongside the HPG HK (Humanitarian Pilipino Group Hong Kong) to run a food and health programme that works directly with local communities where the need for support is greatest.

With our own little way, our team’s helping action – may it be huge or not, we can still feel their appreciation and happiness from them. People are more likely to feel satisfied and protected in groups that value kindness and generosity. The entire team aided and helped as much as we can but, in the end, we still feel that we are the ones who gained so much.

Every month, our dedicated team members aim to have continuous assistance to people by preparing and giving food and clothes Furthermore, whenever we reach 80% of sales of our NFT Project, we automatically donate 5% of all the primary sales to the Refugee Union organizations. This is our way to give back and still looking forward to helping more refugees.

We cannot deny that these are the kind of people who have been left with no choice but to cling to that little hope that they will live a better life.

Refugee Union in Hong Kong.
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Manila food programme

We cannot deny the fact that inadequate nutrition can affect children’s well-being. Hunger is a dilemma that mainly affects families who do not have enough income for daily expenses. Living in poverty often means living life without basic necessities such as clothing, food and safe housing. A child needs to consume nutritious meals every day to have the opportunity to achieve a better future.

Here are some facts you need to be aware of about child hunger:

Around 28% of all children in developing countries are considered underweight or have had their growth and development curtailed suffering from malnutrition.

It has been claimed that every year, 3.1 million children can possibly die as a result of malnutrition.There are reportedly 815 million people worldwide who do not have sufficient supply of food.

This is a sad truth, and this is a global issue that we need to end. It may be a hard move to do but let us bear in mind that children who do not have enough food or good nutrition can greatly affect their future and well-being and may cause them hard to get out of the deprivation.

Our BoredPandaNFT with a collaboration with Pepsi Philippines, McDonald (Muntinlupa Philippines) with our dedicated team members HPG (Humanitarian Pilipino Group), NIPCA (New International Police Commission Association), and UFMAG cook and serve nutritious and fillings meals to (300) children in Southville 3 Muntinlupa City.

Every month, our dedicated team members continue to feed numerous people by preparing and serving nutritious meals. We also aim to team up with other organizations – may it be within the target area or not, to supply and provide needed ingredients.

In addition, the team truly wishes to help individuals in making a wage from their food sources. Our team members ensure that they are capable of serving a nutritious meal to the selected people in the chosen area in Muntinlupa City.

In order to reach helping more people, 10% of all the primary sales the team has made will be automatically donated to HPGHK (Humanitarian Pilipino Group Hong Kong). HPGHK is known as a charitable organization that provides assistance and helps improve the lives of vulnerable and unsecured people in Hong Kong and here in our own country, the Philippines.