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Living life knowing your safety is a risk is truly a nightmare to bear. It really would take a lot of courage to get through. Refugees globally endure difficult circumstances, such as refugee camps, unplanned settlements, or worse, living on the streets. As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads worldwide, many refugees would be unable to socially isolate themselves or maintain basic sanitation, such as washing and sanitizing their hands.

The lives of refugees were put in jeopardy as a result of what they experienced in their home countries prior to displacement, as well as during their excursions to find safety. Refugees, just like us, worry about food, shelter, and the chance to have a better and peaceful life.  However, many refugees are still having a tough time existing after leaving everything behind and struggling to survive this game of life.

Sometimes the universe has its ways to give us a lesson to learn in a way we least expect. Unfortunately, we cannot simply narrate the situations of all refugees out there as we can only see the tip of the iceberg of their sufferings.

The BoredPandaNFT works alongside the HPG HK (Humanitarian Pilipino Group Hong Kong) to run a food and health programme that works directly with local communities where the need for support is greatest.

With our own little way, our team’s helping action – may it be huge or not, we can still feel their appreciation and happiness from them. People are more likely to feel satisfied and protected in groups that value kindness and generosity. The entire team aided and helped as much as we can but, in the end, we still feel that we are the ones who gained so much.

Every month, our dedicated team members aim to have continuous assistance to people by preparing and giving food and clothes Furthermore, whenever we reach 80% of sales of our NFT Project, we automatically donate 5% of all the primary sales to the Refugee Union organizations. This is our way to give back and still looking forward to helping more refugees.

We cannot deny that these are the kind of people who have been left with no choice but to cling to that little hope that they will live a better life.

Refugee Union in Hong Kong.
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