Our mission is to change the lives of communities living below the poverty line through the power of NFT.


Bored Panda is an NFT (non-fungible token) platform with a difference: An NFT platform with the values of a social enterprise. As an NFT platform that has a social impact, every sale of an NFT hosted on our platform is used to fund programmes that provide food, healthcare and essential items for people across developing countries. In short, we believe that NFTs have the potential to help solve some of the world’s most pressing social issues.


NFTs are an innovative and exciting digital product that anyone can own. As long as someone has internet access, they can buy an NFT. However, most NFT platforms are profit-making businesses that sell expensive products that are out of reach for most people to buy. We saw that there was a way that NFT platforms could be done differently. We saw the potential for a platform that was accessible, supportive of creatives that also helped to make a positive impact on the world. Across developing countries, thousands of people are struggling to put food on the table and buy clothing to keep their children warm. Despite the presence of many large NGOs in these countries, small communities fall through the cracks and don’t receive the support they need.


In 2022, Bored Panda NFT was born. We’re an NFT platform that allows people to invest in an exciting global financial movement while helping to run programmes that support people impacted by extreme hunger and poverty. Bored Panda NFT was created with the aim of using the power of NFTs to help create a more equal and just world. The team at Bored Panda NFT work with local communities and a team of volunteers to run humanitarian projects in Hong Kong and the Philippines. As well as running our own projects, we also work alongside organisations that support homeless people, people living in poverty and people living in insecure housing. Our current programmes are small, but they have a huge impact on the lives of the people we work with. We work alongside communities to ensure that we are providing the right support they need and use locally sourced resources as much as possible. Every cent that goes towards our programmes is put to good use to ensure that we reach as many people as possible.




1,000 Bored Panda Sold

As a gift to our early adopters, We’ll airdrop 200 randomly.

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10% of all primary sales made thus far will be Donated to HPGHK Humanitarian Pilipino Group (HPG) is a charitable organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people across the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Reveal your NFTs once 50% of the total collection is already minted.

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Bored Panda Sold

5% of all primary sales made thus far will be To be the union of protection claimants in Hong Kong with the aim of safeguarding refugee rights and improving the protection, wellbeing, and future prospect of all refugees. 200 Bored Panda Giveaways (Friends and Followers Only)

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“Charity and Development”

Another 10% of all primary sales made thus far Every month, we run programmes in communities affected by poverty and malnutrition, where the need for support is greatest. We provide people with vital food, healthcare, and resources that need to live healthy and happy lives. Working alongside with our partner in the local site communities we have made connections with, we run specialist programmes for children and those affected by long-term illnesses such as cancer.



food programme

We’ve partnered with the NIPCA (New International Police Commission Association) and the HPG (Humanitarian Pilipino Group) to provide nutritional meals for communities in Manila, Philippines. Around 16% of people in Manila live below the poverty line and around 1 in 3 children have stunted growth before they reach five years old. Families often struggle to afford food and thousands of children are malnourished and go to school hungry.













NFT stands for non-fungible token. They’re a relatively new digital product, and one of their biggest assets is that each one is unique and completely traceable. It’s pretty hard to think of many other products you can buy that are completely one-of-a-kind. Although a lot of the well-known NFTs are images, there’s a huge range of NFT formats. Are you interested in art? Passionate about pop culture? Mad about music? Whatever you’re into, it’s very likely someone will have created an NFT that perfectly matches your interests and tastes.

Our mission is to use the innovation and creativity behind NFTs to help support some of the world’s marginalised communities. When you buy an NFT through us, not only will you be supporting the artist that created it, you’ll also be helping to fund projects that provide food and healthcare to people living in poverty in Hong Kong and the Philippines. 25% of the profit from every NFT sale through Bored Panda goes directly towards our programmes

There will only ever be 10,000 unique Bored Pandas NFT in existence. We’ve reserved 600 of them for giveaways and gifts.

Our pre-sale and public sale TBA soon.

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